About me

Hello there! my name is Lisanne, and I graduated in game design at the University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands. I am passionate about almost every aspect of game production, and wish to learn whatever I can to make better games. 

Being a playful person by nature, I like evoking that same playfulness in others, including players and teammates. I like bringing out another’s passion for their craft and facilitate their efforts the best I can through my level design.

My ultimate design goal is to create games that feel as entertaining as your favorite song, yet improve your quality of life, like serious games aim to do.

Personal tools of the trade

I like being very experimental with my creative process. When new ideas, thoughts or research have no immediate relevance for the core design documents, I like brainstorming in my own. Some of those ideas make it into my blogs.

Software proficiency


Basic prototyping in C#, greyboxing, unity atoms, prefab(variant) pipeline, terrain tool, push to GitKraken.


Greyboxing building interiors/exteriors, prototyping gameplay and AI using blueprint (-interfaces) and behaviour trees.


Low poly props/small dioramas, UV unwrapping.


Design documents, flowcharts, design documents, small 2D visuals (logos).


Sketching, making mock-ups.