The Light of My Memory

The Light in my Memory is a single-player thriller survival game that takes place in the slums of London around 1920. Players follow the tragic story of Peter and how his loving family turned into a violent nightmare.

Date: June 2019
My role: Level design, content designer, camera dynamics, playtesting, QA
Project duration: part-time 8 weeks
Technology: Unity 

Creating tension in "The Light of my Memory"

In The Light of my Memory the team was set on telling an emotional story, from start to finish. To achieve this, we decided on a lot of environmental storytelling and little in-game text. The document below displays the build-up I had envisioned for the first playable level.

On the left, I made bullet points on a few things this level must achieve. This helped me focus on the requirements of this level, so that the player may better understand the mechanics. 

On the right, I drew a map based off of a sketch I made in a meeting with the environment artist. Since we relied so much on environmental storytelling, it was essential that level design and the environment art would complement each other.

From the first sketch and block-out of the level, to zoomed views of the levels.


Quick visualization of how I envisioned we could enhance a mechanic both in usability and look and feel for the players. I used this sketch to propose my idea to the team in an early stage of development.