Unreal Experiments

Blueprinting mechanics

The demand for level designers with working knowledge of the Unreal Engine and blueprints increases. To get my hands dirty on this, I implemented three basic mechanics; jumping high, a plunge attack and gliding.

Plunge attack 


High jump

Greyboxing buildings

At this point, I had only made blockouts in Unity. To do the same in UE would be a first.¬†To keep the scope small, I decided to start with a small building exterior, and two small rooms. Having PureRef and Genshin Impact as my tools for reference, I re-created the Angle’s Share tavern in Mondstad, and Liuli Pavilion of Liyue Harbor.

Angel’s Share

Greyboxing a small environment

Now that I have made a simple building using box brushes, I wanted to create a more ‘roam-able’ environment too. After all, if I am to make open world games, one must have the ability to create larger spaces.